What is the nature of Cosmid?

  The nature of Cosmid is as follows:


All the laws of nature are discoverable in Cosmid!


  Cosmid has divisibility and it can be divided into things called the parts of Cosmid.

  • What are the parts of Cosmid?


  Cosmid has the equivalents of those which the others have, that is, it has comparability.

  • What is comparable to Cosmid?


  Cosmid has connectivity and it can be connected to those from which it can be separated.

  • What is connected by Cosmid?


  Cosmid has sensitivity and it is sensitive to things which can affect (influence) it.

  • What can affect Cosmid?


  Cosmid has transformability and it can be transformed (reordered) from one form to its other forms.

  • What are the forms of Cosmid?


  Cosmid has substitutability and it can be substituted by the things which qualify to substitute it.

  • What can substitute for Cosmid?


  Cosmid has satisfiability and it can satisfy those which require it.

  • What is in need of Cosmid?

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This wiki is based on the theory of Sivashanmugam. You can download it here File:Tos.pdf

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