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Video exhibits the following properties.


Can Video exhibit divisibility? Yes. Video exhibits divisibility. Video can be divided into things called the parts of Video.

  • What are the parts of Video?


Can Video exhibit comparability? Yes. Video exhibits comparability. Video can be compared to the things which differ from it. The comparison can distinguish its similarity and difference to the other things. Nothing can be compared to Video if Video cannot exhibit comparability.

  • What things are not compared to Video?


Can Video exhibit connectivity? Yes. Video exhibits connectivity. Video can be connected to things which hold it.

  • What things are not connected to Video?


Can Video exhibit disturbability? Yes. Video exhibits disturbability. Video is sensitive to the things which can affect it.

  • What things do not affect Video?


Can Video exhibit reorderability? Yes. Video exhibits reorderability. Video can be reordered from one form to its other forms.

  • What forms are not of Video?


Can Video exhibit substitutability? Yes. Video exhibits subtitutability. Video can be substituted by the things which qualify to substitute it.

  • What things do not qualify to substitute Video?


Can Video exhibit satisfiability? Yes. Video exhibits satisfiablity. Video can satisfy those which require it.

  • What things do not require Video?

All pages in Analytical Wiki


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